Our hotel's advanced technologies will pursue comfort and enjoyment!
Various types of robots will welcome our guests.

The humanoid robots at the front desk will support everybody's comfortable stay. 
Please enjoy the excitement and comfort which you have never experienced!

Point 1: Close!

It is a popular tourist destination  Near Tsukiji / Ginza center area

Within walking distance from the station.

Location within walking distance from Shintomicho station and Tsukiji station. Convenient to travel such as shopping and sightseeing!

Point 2: Convenient!

All rooms are equipped with an automatic cleaning machine, "LG Styler"! 

This "LG Styler" can refresh your clothing by getting rid of odor, wrinkle, dust and pollen!
Please view the video below for more information. 

Call charges are free in the room or outside! Smartphone "Handy"!

Introduction of smartphone "handy" as hotel amenity. Calling fee is free and you can call freely overseas as well as in Japan.
It is possible to bring it out while staying, we will inform you of discount coupons and other information on the facility by push notification.

Point 3: Fun!

The latest robots offer a fun time!

Various robots are active throughout the hotel. Both children and adults will be thrilled!
New, cutting-edge robots  have come to Ginza, Tokyo!

Point 4: Comfortable!

Fully equipped room facilities.

The bed mattress adopts the high quality "Breath Air ®" which is also used for the seat of the bullet train. The outstanding breathability mattress made of 96% air layer is comfortable and refreshing. We have a variety of amenity items as well.

Point 5: Reasonable!

Robot hotel at affordable price.

As we get some help from robots we made reasonable price for your stay!
A unique robot hotel experience will be unforgettable memory!